Hello, and welcome to our website. I’m Chris Jackson, my dance instructors and I have been teaching professional dance for many years now.

Our outstanding dance programs allow people to stay fit, build lasting friendships and gain self confidence through their accomplishments both inside and outside of the dance environment.

PRINCIPAL OBJECTIVES — Dancers have healthier immune systems than equally fit athletes Movement plus rhythm tends to create an anxiety-reducing meditative state Our bodies and our lives are ordered by rhythms great and small, so rhythm both feels great and does us good Dancing makes people happy. The body naturally wants to move to the beat, and when you allow your body to lose itself in movement, it’s such a joyful, renewing thing Dance is an endlessly varied form of physical activity with strong mind-body and social components; if you like it, you’re likely to stick with it.

GOALS OF OUR PROGRAMS — Personal development self-confidence and self-esteem, goal setting, responsibility, personal achievement, new skills Social development, communication and cooperation, trust, understanding of diversity, enthusiasm Dance Skills Improve dance technique, respect and appreciation for diverse dance styles, respect for one’s own body.